If it ain’t broke…

Since 1982, Channel 4 has been a Great British success story, delivering for UK audiences and making a future in television a realistic dream for everyone, no matter where in the country you’re from. It’s owned by all of us but doesn’t cost you a penny.

Unfortunately, the Government is attempting to sell it off. But Channel 4 ain’t broke.

Channel 4 is the levelling up broadcaster and its unique business model supports:

  • 140 small businesses, 60 of which are likely to go bust if the sale goes ahead
  • 10,000 jobs with hubs in Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, and Cardiff
  • 15,000 training opportunities for young people around the country
  • £74 million returned to the public purse in profit
  • £1 billion to the economy in general 

Independent production companies, creatives and the viewing public are coming together to safeguard the channel that gave us Gogglebox, Derry Girls and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

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Channel 4 is a huge success story and Derry Girls wouldn’t have happened without it - it’s something to be proud of not something to destroy -- Derry Girls’s star Siobhán McSweeney
This sell-off isn’t a done deal. It doesn’t make any business sense, and it’s certainly not patriotic. -- Armando Ianucci creator of The Thick of It
The privatisation of Channel 4 is a solution looking for a problem. Channel 4 has a clear plan for future success and privatisation risks wrecking that. -- Alan Clements, Two Rivers Media, Glasgow